Rob McDowall

Twitter Disclaimer

People I follow from @robmcd85
I follow a range of people, businesses and organisations from across the globe and follow significant accounts with an interest in equality, politics, law and human rights. My following an account is not an endorsement of that person, business or organisation and/or their views.
Favourites or retweets
My favoriting or retweeting a tweet is not my endorsing the views expressed. I retweet to spark debate and to share and show balanced views for contentious or complex subjects. There can be no inference of agreement or condonation from my favoriting or retweeting.
Private messages/DM's
Followers are free to message me via DM but I do not answer any unsolicited sales or marketing messages. If you send me such messages I'll unfollow and block you. I do not open shortened links in DM's as they can be used to deliver malware or to harvest IP addresses or connection information. If you wish me to look at something, please send the full (unshortened) link.
Views are my own
Views expressed are my own and are not related to any party, charity, business, organisation or other individual to which I am or have been related to or involved, with unless expressly stated.
I block users engaging in abuse, bullying or those who espouse or share hateful or discriminatory tweets. You have a right to express yourself freely regardless of the nature of your views but I have a right not to be forced to listen to it. If you use your Twitter account to harass, upset, abuse or ridicule others - I will not engage with you.